Gift List: Elements

By tapping into the primal pulse of the Wyld, the Garou gain access to creation and control over the elements that are said to be the building blocks of everything. With these Gifts, Garou are able to manipulate the elements, as well as even call on the spirits of the elements themselves, to bring the power of raw nature to answer the call.

The following Gifts are available to the Children of Gaia and Uktena tribes.

Create Element (•)

The Garou can create a small amount of one of the four Western classical elements – fire, air, earth, or water. She could make a rock to throw, fill a bathtub with no faucet, light fires without matches, or provide air in an airtight room. She cannot create specialized forms of any element. Precious metals (especially silver), lethal gases, and acid are beyond her reach.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Purity
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The element in question is created, but the Garou has no control over it. Instead, the element forms into an elemental, hostile to the Garou who disturbed its slumber.
Failure: The element is not created.
Success: Each success allows the character to create roughly one cubic foot (.3 cubic meters) of the desired element, to a maximum weight of 100 lbs. (45 kg), anywhere she can see within 60 feet (18 m). The element remains in existence until used up (breathed, in the case of air, or burned up, in the case of fire without any fuel to keep it going). The flames created by this Gift inflict one health level of damage per success, to a maximum of three levels of damage.
Exceptional Success: In addition to increasing the maximum damage to five levels of damage, the cost for this Gift is waived upon achieving five or more successes.

Wuxing (••)

The Garou exploits the mystical resonance between the elements of water, fire, earth and air, transforming one element into another.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Wisdom
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The resonance between the elements is cut off for the element the Garou is attempting to change. This further solidifies the element, as well as makes it impossible for it to be changed or manipulated in any way in the future (through the use of the Gift: Reshape Object, for example).
Failure: The Garou fails to transform one element to another.
Success: The element in question is transformed to one of the other three elements. This can be a wall of rock transforming into a river of water, or the air around a target being transformed into a cloud of fire. If this Gift is used to deal damage, it is done so with a level of damage equal to the number of successes achieved, minus the target’s Defense.
Exceptional Success: The additional successes achieved are their only rewards (outside of additional damage, if this Gift is being used to deal damage to a target.

Elemental Favor (•••)

By begging, threatening or cajoling an urban elemental, a werewolf can convince the spirit to do her a favor such as manipulating or even destroying its earthly shell. Thus, a glass sheet might explode at the Garou’s foes, an unlocked door might refuse to open, or a car’s brakes might fail.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Honor – spirit’s Resistance
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: Instead of the desired effect, the urban elemental instead does the effect to the Garou. For example, if the Garou wishes a spirit to explode a glass sheet at her foe, the sheet will instead explode on the Garou.
Failure: The elemental refuses to do as the Garou wishes.
Success: The elemental performs the desired effect, the mechanics of which are completely up to the Storyteller.
Exceptional Success: The elemental performs the desired effect even more proficiently then even the Garou desired. Again, the mechanics of this effect are completely up to the Storyteller, but for an Exceptional Success, the effects should be extraordinary.

Call Elemental (••••)

The Garou is able to call one of the four classic elementals to his aid (earth, air, fire or water).

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Purity to summon the elemental, Manipulation + Occult to make the summoned elemental amenable to helping her.
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: If the roll to summon the elemental suffers a dramatic failure, a bane of the same elemental type is summoned in the elementals place, attacking the Garou immediately. If the roll to make the summoned elemental more willing to help suffers a dramatic failure, the spirit itself leaves, leaving behind the stench of notoriety on the Garou for a number of months equal to the Garou’s Rage.
Failure: The elemental is not summoned, or the elemental refuses to help the Garou.
Success: The elemental is summoned and accepts the petition to help the Garou. The stats of the elemental are up to the Storyteller.
Exceptional Success: The elemental is summoned with a host of smaller elementals to assist, and are willing to give their lives (even past the point of entering Slumber) to assist the Garou. If the elementals survive the conflict, the Garou will have Fame with the spirits for a number of months equal to the Garou’s Rage.

Kiss of Helios (•••••)

The Garou can invoke the sun’s power to gain immunity to flame. Additionally, she may ignite any portion of her body and keep it burning as long as she desires. Garou with this Gift are as likely to light their mane to honor the sun during rituals as they are to ignite their claws or fangs in battle.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary.
Once activated, for the rest of the scene, the character is unharmed by any natural source of flames or heat. Artificial (napalm, gas fires, etc.) and supernatural flames can inflict no more than a single level of bashing damage during a turn. The character inflicts two additional dice of aggravated damage with burning attacks.
Action: Instant