Gift List: Beasts of the Wild

To a wolf, the wilderness is home to many sources of food and prey. Yet there is some prey that simply eludes the wolf, despite being the apex predator. Knowing this as well as knowing that being Garou simply adds more to watch out for, Luna has granted this Gift to the warriors of Gaia, to both use traits other creatures use to avoid the wolf as well as to touch a primal level within beasts themselves, both feral and domesticated.

The following Gifts are available to both the Red Talon and Wendigo tribes.

Beast Speech (•)

The werewolf may instinctively understand and communicate with any natural animals, from fish to mammals. She need only speak normally to be understood by animals, along with a touch of appropriate body language – there is no need to bark like a dog. This Gift doesn’t change animals’ basic reactions or dispositions; most are still afraid of predators such as werewolves.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
A character that has learned this Gift automatically is able to speak to and understand any natural animal. This Gift’s effects are permanent once learned.
Action: None

Howls in the Night (••)

The werewolf sends a full-throated howl shivering into the night sky, evoking primal terror in Gaia’s enemies. Creatures of the Wyrm who hear the howl find themselves troubled and unable to rest easily while their enemies are on the prowl.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Presence + Survival + Glory
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The howl goes out, but something intoned in the howl is horribly wrong, bolstering the enemies of Gaia while weakening Her warriors. Minions of the Wyrm hearing the howl receive a +1 bonus to all dice pools for the next 3 hours, while Garou suffer effects as if they had been awake for approximately 36 hours (see “Fatigue,” World of Darkness pp. 179).
Failure: The howl fails to have effect.
Success: Creatures of the Wyrm who hear the howl will be jolted awake if asleep, and rendered unable to sleep for the next (successes x 3) hours.
Exceptional Success: The howl does more than simply wake minions of the Wyrm, but also strengthens Gaia’s warriors. In addition to the normal effects, Garou who hear the howl also gain a +1 bonus to all dice pools for the length of time the Gift is in effect.

Monkey Tail (•••)

The power of this Gift allows the Garou to lengthen her tail and use it as a prehensile appendage at will. Although it’s no replacement for a hand, it can grasp objects, wrap around branches, and even allow the Garou to hang upside-down.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary to activate this Gift.
The Garou may employ her prehensile tail at will in any form which possesses a tail. Successfully manipulating the tail requires a Dexterity + Athletics roll, with a possible resistance penalty depending on the task being attempted.
Action: None.

Bury the Wolf (••••)

The war against the Wyrm isn’t always a matter of slashing claws and righteous fury – sometimes duplicity is required. A werewolf with this Gift can temporarily “restrain” her inner wolf and appear to be a normal human.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Resolve + Composure + Cunning - Rage
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: Attempting to restrain the wolf fails, agitating the feral nature present in all Garou and causing it to lash out. The Garou suffers double the normal Social penalties from her Rage for a number of hours equal to her Rage.
Failure: The Gift fails to take effect.
Success: Success causes the character to appear human to all supernatural scrutiny. The Gift also nullifies the Curse and makes spending Rage impossible, locking her in homid for so long as its effects persist. The number of successes determines the Gift’s duration; to “free the wolf” before that time elapses requires a full turn of concentration and another point of Gnosis.
Exceptional Success: The effects of this Gift on an Exceptional Success mirror those of a normal success, however, the Garou is able to “free the wolf” at will, without a further expenditure of Gnosis.

Curse of Lycaon (•••••)

The Garou can force the wolf-skin onto another. If the target is a werewolf, he becomes trapped in Lupus form for the rest of the scene. If the target is human or animal, it becomes a normal wolf forever.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Purity against target’s Resolve + Composure + Rage
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Gift backfires, instead trapping the Garou in Lupus form for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Gift fails to have any effect.
Success: The target is trapped in Lupus form for the rest of the scene, if werewolf, or is permanently transformed into a wolf, if human or animal.
Exceptional Success: If a werewolf is targeted by this Gift and the Garou achieves 5 or more successes higher than the target, the werewolf is transformed permanently into a wolf, losing all ability to shapeshift but still retains the other powers of being Garou (Gifts, crossing the Gauntlet, etc.).