Get Of Fenris

Tribal Totem: Fenris

The Get of Fenris are the Fenrir, the chosen children of Fenris Wolf, the mightiest warrior spirit in the heavens. They are the fists of Gaia and the greatest warriors of the Garou Nation. Anyone who cares to disagree is welcome to challenge these proclamations in person. The Get hail from northern Europe and Scandinavia; Those are harsh lands, not prone to forgiving individual frailty, and the Get have absorbed this attitude from their surroundings. They want no truck with weaklings of any kind, caring only for the strongest Garou.

The mythology of the Get revolves around ancient Norse legends. They see the coming Apocalypse through the lens of Ragnarok, the final battle between the Norse gods and the wicked giants; the Get see themselves numbered among the Einherjar, the chosen warriors of the gods. The Wyrm itself they call Jormungandr, the World Serpent. It is said that a true warrior of the Get of Fenris would gladly let himself be devoured by Jormungandr if he was sure to get a few moments rending and tearing at the beast's face.

The tribe's belief that the weak must be culled saw a black mark against the Fenrir in the middle of the 20th century as more than a few members of the Get of Fenris fell in with the ideals of Nazi Germany. That cancer was excised rather painfully as the tribe fell to infighting while some of the worst crimes against Gaia of that century were taking place, and it rook a few years for the Get to return to their former stature. The most poisonous of Get rhetoric has softened somewhat in the intervening years.

The Get of Fenris see no problem in seizing caerns "misheld" by other tribes; if the Get can take a caern, obviously it was not well defended against the minions of the Wyrm. The Get see their own stewardship of such caerns as the best and most obvious solution to that problem. This has put them on bad footing with several other tribes; the Wendigo and Uktena, in particular, have no great love for the Fenrir. A few tribes are too strong to assault in such a fashion: The ShadowLords, SilverFangs and Black Furies can generally hold their own against a Get assault. The others watch the Get warily; the Fenrir know that they will lead the assault against the Wyrm in the final battle for Gaia, and now they only wait the signal.