November 19th, 2011

Open Moot


This game was a moot that was open to all who fought for the reclamation of the caern in the Battles of Cleansing. By firelight, the Ritemaster Hallary led us through the moot. Truthcatcher Brina and Fool Jonathan helped us as we aired our grievances and axes were buried. Talesinger Lorena danced and various tales of Wisdom, Honor and Glory were told. All assembled then ran through the tunnels, led by the Wyrmfoe Tom, killing leeches.

Sorrow mixed with hope ended the evening as the skinned body of Osiris was finally found in the tunnels. A spirit rat informed us that a vampire had skinned him — and that the leech returned each full moon. The body Osiris was returned to his tribe, and the Garou prepared to exact revenge upon whoever it was that killed their kind in such a twisted manner.

Venue: Cheshire Hall

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