November 12th, 2011

Battle For the Sept (part deux)

Or, how the Spanners adopted several puppies and a Caern

With Lorena having been extracted from the clutches of the now clearly malevolent Christa Carpathian during the Fianna moot, the pack assembled at Brina's shop to ponder the status of the Sept of Solid Rock, which had descended into bloody chaos. News vans and police surrounded the location, and there was a standoff between human forces and the kinfolk and Garou inside the Sept.

Tom revealed that he was a walking, talking munitions dump, arming the entire pack through his prior planning and procurement of a plethora of powerful pieces. While most Garou would rely on their natural weapons and fetishes during the battle for the Sept, the weapons he gathered would play a critical role.

After a visit to the Sept of Flying Skies and a discussion with Charles and Lorena, the Spanners were chosen to lead the assault. Jonathan as Alpha split the pack into two groups: a loud frontal assault hidden from human eyes through an airdrop from a helicopter (which would immediately explain to authorities that they had equipment failure while filming the standoff), and a stealth insertion into the tunnel laid by the Dancers who had held the Sept when it was first recovered. A Garou new to town was invited to fight alongside the Spanners, and after meeting her Hyena welcomed Happy Meal into the pack on a temporary basis.

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