Tribal Totem: Stag

Many onlookers suspect that the blood of the Fair Folk runs in the veins of the Fianna tribe; These Garou share an ancestral home with the legendary fae in the British Isles, and have the same love of a good song and strong drink as those mythical creatures. The Fianna are master srorytellers - a good Fianna yarn, whether true or not, will set you back a case of beer and half a night, and you'll wonder where the time went as you stumble to the door. The other tribes see the Fianna as merrymakers and drunkards, but that's not quite the whole story. The Fianna are famed for their wild mood swings and may spend weeks in a melancholy bordering on Harano before cheering. A Fianna's mood can just as quickly turn to anger; Their frenzies are no less frightening than those of more openly warlike tribes. Of all the tribes, the Fianna are certainly the most sociable, but they also provide most of the material for ballads of unrequited or tragic love, especially for humans and other Garou.

Some Fianna in North America and Australia try to get away from the stereotype of the drunken Irish brawler or bard, but it is hard to eliminate a stereotype that the other tribes seem so determined to see within them. New World Fianna work as activists within homid communities rather than holding themselves apart from humanity. Certainly cities with large Irish populations have more Fianna than others do, but the tribe is, like most of the others of the Garou Nation, truly a global entity in these days. The rise of the Celtic Tiger economic boom in Ireland and the fight for peace in Northern Ireland has begun to tear a rift in the tribe, as the youth seek the benefits of the movement and the elders decry the loss of traditions.

Fianna Characters