Children of Gaia

Tribal Totem: Unicorn

The Western Concordiat seems unanimous in its hatred for the Weaver and Wyrm. The Children of Gaia alone stand against this. They know - or at least claim to know - that war is the creation of the Wyrm and strengthens the Wyrm. They desire to make peace, first among the Garou Tribes and then between the Garou and humanity. And then, who knows how far such an upswelling of good sentiment might go?

The Children suffer the slings and arrows of the other tribes for their attitude, of course; Epithets like "hippie" and "peacenik" are the least damaging things they run into. However, because the members of most tribes know that the Children do not really hold grudges against any of them and do genuinely wish to improve the rapport between the tribes, the others often turn to them to act as mediators. The Children of Gaia have the best relations with the Uktena and Wendigo of all the so-called Wyrmcomer Europeans.

However, these peace-loving Garou do have their breaking points, and their Rage can be frightening after being pent up for so long. They also understand that, as werewolves, sometimes they just need to "pop claws and go to town" for sanity's sake. What they stress is that they look for good targets (like Wyrm-things) to vent their Rage on, rather than the wasteful destruction of another Garou.

The Children of Gaia are one of the most active tribes within homid society. They work as environmental activists, teachers, lobbyists and similar roles, trying to educate humanity to the danger of their actions. Where possible, they take direct action against the worst depredations of humanity , but since they are less likely than many other Garou to cause the Delirium in homids, they are the most useful working within homid society.

The Children are an unusually large tribe by Garou standards, and are as diverse as they are large. This is mostly because the Children of Gaia and their totem, Unicorn, welcome almost any werewolf to join the tribe. Males born to the Black Furies, the Metis of many tribes, "weaklings" born to the Get of Fenris, lost cubs with no knowledge of their tribes - all are accepted by Unicorn, and all call themselves Children of Gaia.