Character Creation (Test)

You can download and fill out or print a copy of the blank character sheet here.

Choose Your Background

Step 1: Character Concept

Think about what kind of character you would like to play. How did you grow up? What is your place in Garou society? How do you fight the Wyrm? How do others feel about you? What do you do to get things to go your way? What are your goals? What are your weaknesses? What do you do for a living in human society?

To help get a handle on your character's identity and motivations, come up with a short, two- or three-word description of him/her. This usually, but not always, includes some idea of a career: "night-stalking journalist," "stoic mechanic," "lost waif," "petulant yuppie," "angry young man."

If you decide, you can choose to create a Kinfolk. Kinfolk are the human- or wolf-born blood relatives of Garou, who are immune to the Delirium and work to support their families, or seek out to make a name for themselves. Kinfolk creation guidelines are listed here.

Step 2: Consider a Virtue and Vice

Virtues and Vices are described in World of Darkness, on page 100. You will choose one of each, from the following lists. Your Virtue describes your positive self and strength, and your Vice describes the negative side, your weakness. You can finalize your decision later to better match the final character you create, but begin thinking about it now as you shape your character.

Virtues: Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Temperance
Vices: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath

Choose Your Origin

Step 3: Choose Breed
Taking into account your choices from step one, decide on the form in which you were born and lived during the early years of your life, prior to your first change.

The following are the three choices and their starting Harmony, Benefit and Drawback guidelines. All Breeds have access to the Father Wolf and Mother Luna Gift Lists.

It is strongly recommended that new players or players without thorough understanding of Garou genre, tradition and society do not play Metis.


You were born human, and then discovered you were a werewolf.

Starting Harmony: 6 (new dots x 4)
Benefits: A human-born Garou ignores one point of Social penalties from Primal Urge (so suffers no penalties at Primal Urge • and ••, -1 at Primal Urge ••• and ••••, and so on).


You are the result of a forbidden mating between two Garou. You were born a werewolf in werewolf society.

Starting Harmony: 7
Benefits: Born shapeshifters, the Metis treat any successful shapeshifting roll as a reflexive action.
Drawback: A Metis werewolf has a physical deformity to contend with. She might have no sense of smell, a leathery hide, a withered limb, no tail, a hunchback, a set of brittle horns, or serious mental deficiencies. This deformity works as a Flaw (the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 217), save that it does not grant an experience point when it hinders the character. The Metis deformity gives a penalty on affected rolls. If the deformity would affect hunting or fighting, it applies a -2 penalty; if it applies to other actions, the penalty is -3.


You were born a wolf, then discovered you were a werewolf.

Starting Harmony: 8
Benefits: They’re also able to focus on breaching the Gauntlet to the exclusion of pretty much anything else, treating the roll to step sideways (Werewolf: The Forsaken, page 250) as a rote action as described on pages 134-135 of the World of Darkness Rulebook.
Drawback: A Lupus cannot choose Mental Skills to be primary at character creation. Worse, any time an Lupus character attempts an action that relies on a Mental Skill in which she has no dots, she receives a -4 penalty instead of -3. Gift activation rolls are exempt from this rule.

Step 4: Choose Auspice

Again, taking into account your choices from step one, decide on the moon under which your character was born. Remember, the type of person and (usually) his/her career choice should be indicative of a character’s Auspice (i.e., A character that is a lawyer would generally be a Philodox, though there are always exceptions to the rule).

The following are the five choices and their starting and primary Renown, Specialty Skills, and Gift List guidelines, as well as the Auspice Abilities.


Born under the new moon, you are a trickster, cunning and clever.

Primary Renown: Cunning
Specialty Skills: Persuasion, Stealth, Subterfuge
Gift Lists: Evasion, New Moon, Stealth
Auspice Ability: "Trickster’s Luck." A Ragabash can survive all manner of harebrained schemes that would see another werewolf dead. Her luck only saves her when she’s pushing the very edge, though, and it will come back to bite her later. Whenever a Ragabash is reduced to a chance die, she rolls two dice instead of one. Each die that shows a 10 counts as a success. If she rolls 1 on both dice, the action is a dramatic failure. If she rolls a 1 on one of the two dice, even if she succeeds, the Storyteller can later reduce one of the character’s actions to a chance die. If he doesn’t do so by the end of the session, that chance is lost. Trickster’s Luck does apply to any action forced to a chance die as a result of this ability.


Born under the crescent moon, you are a seer or shaman, wise and familiar with the spirit world.

Primary Renown: Wisdom
Specialty Skills: Animal Ken, Medicine, Occult
Gift Lists: Crescent Moon, Elemental, Shaping
Auspice Ability: "Ritual Master." Theurges purchase the Rituals trait and rites at reduced experience cost. When buying Rituals, a Theurge pays the new dots x 4 in experience. A Theurge who buys rites with experience points need only spend a number of experience equal to the rite dots.


Born under the half moon, you are a judge and arbiter.

Primary Renown: Honor
Specialty Skills: Empathy, Investigation, Persuasion
Gift Lists: Dominance, Insight, Half-Moon
Auspice Ability: "Judge’s Eye." A Philodox has an instinctive aptitude for solving problems between werewolves. When another werewolf asks his help, a Philodox automatically gains two dice to any Empathy, Investigation, Persuasion, or Politics rolls made in the course of solving the problem. These bonuses only apply when dealing with other werewolves—humans or spirits don’t have an inborn understanding of the Philodox’ role.


Born under the gibbous moon, you are an artist or talesinger.

Primary Renown: Purity
Specialty Skills: Crafts, Expression, Persuasion
Gift Lists: Gibbous Moon, Inspiration, Knowledge
Auspice Ability: "Prophetic Dreams." Once per story (3 sessions), the player may ask the Storyteller for a dream of prophecy, providing some clue about the challenges facing the Galliard. The Galliard must sleep for at least four hours in order to dream of the future. The dream is always veiled in symbolism that the character must interpret. In addition, the Galliard automatically gains one die to any Occult rolls made to interpret omens or to solve occult riddles.


Born under the full moon, you are a warrior, strong and glorious.

Primary Renown: Glory
Specialty Skills: Brawl, Intimidation, Survival
Gift Lists: Dominance, Full Moon, Strength
Auspice Ability: "Warrior’s Eye." Once per session, an Ahroun can attempt to "read" a foe, determining who is the superior warrior. The player rolls Wits + Primal Urge; success indicates that the werewolf can roughly tell whether the threat is stronger or weaker than he is, while an exceptional success grants more understanding of the gap between the two ("He’s much more powerful than me."). A dramatic failure indicates that the character greatly misjudges his target. The warrior’s eye takes into account only those abilities that might affect a direct fight. A werewolf might read a skilled vampire assassin as "weaker," even though the vampire is much more deadly when it can choose the time of engagement.

Step 5: Choose Tribe

Like the third and fourth steps, take into account your choices from step one to decide on the tribe your character was born into. Keep in mind, the attitude, skills and personality of your character should be indicative of his/her Tribe (ie., A character that is a computer hacker would generally be a Glass Walker).

The following are the thirteen choices and their starting Willpower, Gift, Advantages, Disadvantages and Restriction guidelines. It will also show the Tribal Totem, the patron spirit that calls the tribe "child," and guides each member of the tribe on their paths in life.

Black Furies

An all female tribe, they protect sacred sites, defend women and punish men.

Primary Renown: Purity
Beginning Renown: Purity ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Elemental, Nature, Stealth
Tribal Totem: Pegasus. Pegasus is concerned with sacred places above all else, and gives its Black Fury children gifts to let them move to sacred places in danger and defend them. Pegasus will not accept a pack with any Get of Fenris members.
Benefits: As Mother Luna’s chosen warriors, members of the Black Furies pay (new dots x 4) experience points to purchase Mother Luna’s Gifts. As defenders of wild places, Black Furies also gain a +2 bonus to all Empathy, Persuasion, and Socialize rolls made to deal with spirits of the wilderness.
Requirements: Black Furies must maintain Harmony 5 or above, Purity •• or higher, and have at least six dots spread between Expression, Survival, and Weaponry.
Restrictions: None.

Bone Gnawers

Misfits and scavengers, they live in cities and may even breed with dogs.

Primary Renown: Cunning
Beginning Renown: Cunning ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Knowledge, Shaping, Technology, Stealth
Tribal Totem: Rat. Rat is fast and quiet, the master of hit-and-run warfare and the neutralization of the enemy’s strength. He fights to weaken, then destroy.
Requirements: Bone Gnawers must have Persuasion ••, Streetwise ••, and Survival •, and must maintain Cunning ••
Restrictions: Bone Gnawers cannot have any dots in the Merits: Ancestors, Pure Breed, or Resources.

Children of Gaia

Honorable peace-makers, they believe in unity, cooperation, and education.

Primary Renown: Purity
Beginning Renown: Purity •, Wisdom •
Tribal Gift Lists: Knowledge, Shaping, Technology, Rage
Tribal Totem: Unicorn. Unicorn is a wise spirit of peace, purity, healing and harmony. She leads her favored tribe, the Children of Gaia, toward the all-encompassing love of Gaia… while recognizing that it comes only at great cost.
Requirements: Must maintain Harmony 6 or higher, and must have at least Resolve •••, as well as Purity •• and Wisdom •
Restrictions: None.


Talesingers of Celtic heritage and legendary fighters.

Primary Renown: Honor
Beginning Renown: Honor ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Inspiration (for new dots x 4), Rage, Strength
Tribal Totem: Stag. Great Stag is an ancient spirit embodying masculinity, virility and the wild power of nature. He includes both light and dark, dividing the world between the wild and the tame, the living and the dead, rather than between good and evil, and his Gifts aren’t always comfortable to those with a strong ethical sense. Sometimes his avatar appears to guide or aid lost Garou - he teaches responsibility to the whole world, including humanity, as well as leading the Wild Hunt.
Benefits: Members can raise the Brawl, Expression, and Persuasion Skills for (new dots x 2).
Requirements: A Fianna must have Brawl ••, Expression •••, and Socialize •••, and must have Glory •• or higher.
Restrictions: None.

Get of Fenris

Fierce, hot-tempered, single-minded Norse warriors.

Primary Renown: Glory
Beginning Renown: Glory ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Inspiration, Rage, Strength
Tribal Totem: Fenris. The all-devouring god of wolves was a totem long before the Norse began to spin tales of the Fenrir, but their hymns and stories captured his essence so well that they’ve become nearly universal among Fenris’ children. He is powerful, bloodthirsty and completely devoted to combat without mercy. He especially favors the Get of Fenris, but is willing to accept other packs who reject giving or receiving quarter and who frequently blood themselves with the life essence of their foes.
Benefits: Fenrir can get their hands on lots of weapons that otherwise would be restricted; members gain a +2 bonus when working the black market in order to acquire weapons or military equipment. Members can also increase the Brawl, Intimidation, Firearms, and Weaponry Skills at (new dots x 2), and can purchase Fighting Style Merits for (new dots) experience points.
Requirements: Members of the Get of Fenris must have Glory •• and Cunning •, and must possess at least three dots in one of Brawl, Firearms, or Weaponry.
Restrictions: None.

Glass Walkers

These modern Garou live in cities and embrace technology.

Primary Renown: Wisdom
Beginning Renown: Wisdom ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Knowledge, Shaping, Technology
Tribal Totem: Cockroach. Cockroach is perhaps the definitive totem of the modern age. (Glass Walkers say there’s no "perhaps" about it.) It is hardy, quick and persistent, and its kin are everywhere in the city.
Benefits: The tribe grants members access to power and money; characters gain two dots to spend on the Contacts, Resources, and Status Merits. Glass Walkers can also raise Computer, Politics, and Science Skills at a rate of (new dots x 2)
Requirements: Must maintain Wisdom ••, and have at least six points spread between Computer, Politics, and Streetwise.
Restrictions: Glass Walkers cannot have any dots in the Merits: Ancestors, Mentor, or Pure Breed

Red Talons

These feral Garou are nearly all Lupus, and view humans as much the enemy as the Wyrm.

Primary Renown: Glory
Beginning Renown: Glory ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Elemental, Nature, Stealth
Tribal Totem: Griffin. Griffin mourns extinct species, and carries a special rage against the human beings responsible for so many extinctions. His Red Talon children share this anger, and his Gifts make them better instruments of revenge. Note that to Griffin there’s precious little difference between the European land developer who wipes out species for housing tracts and the aborigine who kills species with slash-and-burn agriculture or over-hunting, no matter how much the targeted humans might try to make distinctions.
Benefits: Red Talons have a +2 bonus to all Stealth and Survival actions when in the wilderness; this becomes a -2 penalty to these Skills in urban areas. A Red Talon also pays (new dots x 4) experience points to purchase Father Wolf’s Gifts.
Requirements: Characters must also have Athletics ••, Stealth ••, and Survival •••, and maintain Purity ••.
Restrictions: Red Talons can’t have dots in any Social Merits that tie them to human society: Contacts among spirits or Allies of werewolves are fine, but Status or Barfly is right out.

Shadow Lords

These proud, sneaky Garou believe the strong should dominate the weak.

Primary Renown: Cunning
Beginning Renown: Cunning ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Dominance, Evasion, Weather (at new dots x 4)
Tribal Totem: Grandfather Thunder. Grandfather Thunder is more feared than respected. His patience and subtlety set the example for his Shadow Lord children. He seldom sends one of his own avatars to packs that serve him; his Stormcrows usually act on his behalf.
Requirements: Members must maintain Cunning ••, as well as possessing six dots between the Persuasion, Politics, and Subterfuge Skills.
Restrictions: Shadow Lords cannot possess the Allies Merit: any alliance is either temporary or entirely disposable.

Silent Striders

Driven from Egypt, these Garou wander the earth as messengers.

Primary Renown: Wisdom
Beginning Renown: Wisdom ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Death, Insight, Warding, Evasion
Tribal Totem: Owl. Owl watches and strikes silently. He holds hidden wisdom, and inspires his favored children, the Silent Striders, to do the same. He flies with death even into the Dark Umbra; the widespread belief that owls are spirits of the vengeful dead aren’t completely baseless.
Benefits: Owl gives each member of the tribe the two-dot version of the Fleet of Foot Merit; if he already possesses any dots in the Merit, he gets the three-dot version.
Requirements: Silent Striders must maintain Wisdom •• and Cunning •. Members must possess Athletics ••, Occult ••, Stealth •, and Streetwise •.
Restrictions: May not possess Merits: Ancestors or Resources.

Silver Fangs

These royal line of Garou, Silver Fangs are born into leadership.

Primary Renown: Honor
Beginning Renown: Honor ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Dominance, Evasion, Weather, Inspiration
Tribal Totem: Falcon. Falcon is a noble spirit, looking deeply into the Garou heart and rewarding virtue and honor where he finds them. He unites the Silver Fangs in a shared vision of excellence in duty, and his tribe’s lapses do not reflect poorly on him in most Garou’s eyes.
Benefits: Falcon provides all Silver Fangs with the Inspiring Merit, whether or not they have Presence enough to qualify.
Requirements: Silver Fangs must maintain at least Honor ••, Glory •, and possess the Merit: Pure Breed at ••• or higher. Silver Fangs must also possess Politics ••, Socialize ••, and Weaponry •.
Restrictions: None.


Zenful Garou of Asian decent, trying to find a home but trapped between two cultures.

Primary Renown: Wisdom
Beginning Renown: Wisdom ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Death, Insight, Warding
Tribal Totem: Chimera. Chimera is an enigma. She of Many Faces is the master example for the Stargazers tribe, who earn her special favor for their willingness to pierce through layers of illusion and confusion to find inner wisdom.
Benefits: Stargazers gain a +2 bonus on any rolls involving riddles or dream interpretation, the Merit: Meditative Mind, and can purchase the Fighting Style: Kailindo.
Requirements: Must have Brawl • with a specialty in a martial art, Investigation •• with a specialty in puzzles or enigmas, and Occult •••
Restrictions: Cannot possess Merits: Fetish or Resources, or any Social Merits that tie them to human society (e.g. Barfly, Status).


Masters of the spirit world, these shamans study magic, secrets and the Wyrm.

Primary Renown: Cunning
Beginning Renown: Wisdom •, Cunning •
Tribal Gift Lists: Darkness, Stalking, Stealth
Tribal Totem: Uktena. Uktena is an ancient water spirit with the features of a serpent, a cougar and a deer. He inhabits river beds and dark places, where he seeks out secrets.
Benefits: Gain two-dot fetish of any kind, may learn Rituals for (new dots x 4). May increase Rituals trait in lieu of gaining a free Gift when increasing Renown, up to a limit of the new dots in Renown.
Requirements: Must possess Occult •••, Investigation •• (Specialties in Puzzles and Enigmas), Expression •, and Rituals •.
Restrictions: None.


The last of the pure Native American Garou, they are distrustful of everyone.
Primary Renown: Purity
Beginning Renown: Purity ••
Tribal Gift Lists: Inspiration, Rage, Strength, Weather
Tribal Totem: Wendigo. Wendigo descends from the north, wrapped in ice and roaring like the wind. He teaches his children the relentless fury of the storm and the power that comes in the utter frozen desolation of passion.
Benefits: May increase Athletics, Brawl, Stealth, Survival, and Weaponry at a rate of (new dots x 2).
Requirements: Must have Purity •• or higher, must maintain Harmony 7 or above, and must have eight dots between Athletics, Brawl, Survival, and Stealth.
Restrictions: May not possess the Merits: Contacts or Resources.

Choose Your Details

Step 6: Choose Physical, Social, and Mental Attributes

Prioritize the three categories (Intelligence, Physical, Social) and then assign 5 dots to your primary category, 4 dots in your secondary category, and 3 dots in your tertiary category. The first dot in each Attribute is free.

Keep in mind your character’s concept when choosing your Attributes. The fifth dot in any Attribute costs 2 dots instead of the normal 1.

Step 7: Choose Skills

Prioritize the Skill Categories (Mental, Physical, Social). In the primary Skill Category, assign 11 dots to the skills. In the secondary Category, assign 7 dots, and in the tertiary Skill Category, assign 4 dots. Unlike Attributes, the first dot in the Skills are not free.

Remember, some Tribes have required levels of certain Skills. See above for those required levels. Also, the fifth dot in any Skill costs 2 dots instead of the normal 1.

Step 8: Choose Skill Specialties

Choose three Skill Specialties, as well as one additional from the "Specialty Skills" listed for your Auspice (see above).

Step 9: Choose Merits

Assign 7 dots worth of Merits. These Merits can be found both on World of Darkness, pages 108-117, as well as Werewolf: The Forsaken, pages 79 and 80. You may also spend 3 Merit points to raise your Primal Urge rating by one.

Remember, some Tribes have limitations on the Merits they may start play with, and some Merits may only be taken at Character Creation, and not afterwards.

Choose Your Finishing Touches

Step 10: Choose Flaws (Optional)

Flaws are the extra details about your character that can individualize it, and give it a bit more personality. You may choose any number of Flaws, but this is simply to fill out your character's depth, and does not provide any additional points to spend on your character. However, portraying your Flaw through roleplay may grant you a bonus experience point, at Storyteller's discretion.

Flaws may be found in World of Darkness, on pages 217-219.

Step 11: Determine Additional Stats

Determine your character's additional stats. These include Health, Starting Gifts, Willpower, Essence, Size, Defense, Initiative Mod, Speed, and Renown. Determine these using the following.

Health: Stamina + Size
Starting Gifts: Choose 1 from Auspice, 1 from Tribe, and 1 of your choice from those available from Breed, Tribe, and Auspice. You may also elect to forego this final Gift and place a dot in Rituals.
Willpower: Resolve + Composure
Size: 5 for adult, human-sized werewolf
Defense: Lowest of Dexterity or Wits
Initiative Mod: Dexterity + Composure
Speed: Strength + Dexterity + 5
Renown: Choose from your tribe's Starting Renown, as well as one dot in your Auspice's Primary Renown.

Note: The highest level of your Primary Renown (from your Tribe and Auspice) determines the maximum rank of Gift you may choose. For example, a Get of Fenris Ahroun has Glory and Purity as Primary Renown, with Glory •• from Get of Fenris and Purity • from Ahroun. This means that the highest level of Gift he can choose is ••, until he raises one of his Primary Renown higher than ••.

Step 12: Spend Free Points

Your character is almost complete. You now get 35 Free Points to spend on anything you like. These points may be spent on Attributes, Skills, Skill Specialties, Merits, Gifts, Rituals or in increasing Willpower, Primal Urge, Essence or Harmony. This can be done by using the following.

Trait Cost
Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3 experience points each
Affinity Gift or Ritual (from tribe, auspice, or breed) New dots x 5
Other Gift New dots x 7
Rite Rite dots x 2
Merit* New dots x 2
Totem Merit 3 per dot
Primal Urge New dots x 8
Primary Renown (from tribe or auspice) New dots x 6
Other Renown New dots x 8
Harmony New dots x 3
Willpower 8 experience points each

Note: Some tribes may have benefits that change the costs for some things. Make sure to check the write up for the tribe (above) to ensure that you are using the correct costs for your purchases.

Step 13: Finish It Up

You’re all done except for a few little touches that will help you give your character the spark of life. First, finalize your Virtue and Vice choices. Second, consider your character’s motivations and Flaws, and how they affect his/her life. Lastly, determine anything you need to know to begin role playing. This includes his/her clothing, speech (accent, inflections or catch phrases), posture, attitude, demeanor (handshake grip, eye contact or forthrightness), likes, and dislikes. What’s your character’s favorite food, movie or television show? These little details are what will make your character more real, and easier to role play. Don’t worry, you can’t decide everything at first, and you will learn more about your character each time you play him/her.

Step 14: Have Fun!

Get your Storytellers to approve your character, answer any questions they may have about your character, and learn your character’s formal introduction (your name, followed by Breed, Tribe, Auspice and Rank in any order, followed by any positions, packs, titles or totems). Then get into the game and have fun!