Character Creation

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You can download and fill out or print a copy of the blank character sheet here.

Choose Your Background

Step 1: Character Concept

Think about what kind of character you would like to play. How did you grow up? What is your place in Garou society? How do you fight the Wyrm? How do others feel about you? What do you do to get things to go your way? What are your goals? What are your weaknesses? What do you do for a living in human society?

To help get a handle on your character's identity and motivations, come up with a short, two- or three-word description of him/her. This usually, but not always, includes some idea of a career: "night-stalking journalist," "stoic mechanic," "lost waif," "petulant yuppie," "angry young man."

With Storyteller approval, you may be able to create a Kinfolk. Kinfolk are the human- or wolf-born blood relatives of Garou, who are immune to the Delirium and work to support their families, or seek out to make a name for themselves. Kinfolk creation guidelines are listed here.

Step 2: Consider a Mortal and Mythic

Mortals and Mythics are the way your character portrays himself when in human society or within the Garou Nation. These are chosen by how you envision your character's personality. You can finalize your decision later to better match the final character you create, but begin thinking about it now as you shape your character.

Mortal: The Mortal is the half-man of the Garou, the face the werewolf takes on when interacting within human society. It’s the shoddy-clad skater punk, the dark-robed sage, or the shamanistic Native American chieftain. A Garou’s Mortal allows her to live amongst the humans , without them recognizing her as a creature from their greatest fears.
Any time a Garou overcomes a small hurdle in defense of her Masquerade, she gains a point of Willpower. When committing atrocious or existentially risky acts in defense of her Mortal, she regains all her spent Willpower points.

Example Mortals

Mythic: The Mythic is a werewolf’s life within the Garou Nation. The dominant alpha, the conniving beta, vengeful warrior, or the petulant cub. A Garou’s Mythic is who she is under the wolf’s skin, and those who associate with them.
Any time a werewolf withdraws from the her Mortal and takes on the mantle of his Mythic, she gains a point of Willpower. When committing the worst of acts in the eyes of humanity, shirking and virtually destroying her human persona, she regains all her spent Willpower points.

Example Mythics
Feral Judge
Lone Wolf

Choose Your Origin

Step 3: Choose Breed
Taking into account your choices from step one, decide on the form in which you were born and lived during the early years of your life, prior to your first change.

The following are the three choices, listed with their Initial Purity; breeds do not have access to Gifts by themselves, but do have their own advantages and drawbacks based on the origin of their birth.

It is strongly recommended that new players or players without thorough understanding of Garou genre, tradition and society do not play Metis.


You were born human, and then discovered you were a werewolf.

Initial Purity: 6
Advantage: Homid characters begin play with 3 free dots in any combination from the Merits: Allies, Contacts and Retainers.


You are the result of a forbidden mating between two Garou. You were born a werewolf in werewolf society.

Initial Purity: 7
Advantage: Metis characters begin play with 3 additional Specialties with any Skill relating specifically to the Garou society. Example Specialties include an Occult Specialty in Garou, a Brawl Specialty in the use of Claws or Teeth, or a Politics Specialty in the Garou Litany.
Drawback: Every metis character has at least one deformity, chosen during character creation. While some deformities may have minor benefits, the bad always outweighs the good. Storytellers should encourage players to choose defects that complement their character concept. Some possibilities for metis deformities can be found here.


You were born a wolf, then discovered you were a werewolf.

Initial Purity: 8
Advantage: Lupus characters begin play with 3 free dots, chosen in any combination, in the Skills Animal Ken, Survival, or Brawl.
Drawback: Lupus characters may not begin play dots in any Skills solely representing a life in human society. These skills include Academics, Computer, Medicine, Politics, Drive, Firearms, Weaponry, Socialize and Streetwise. They also may be restricted in which Merits they can begin play with, at Storyteller discretion.

Step 4: Choose Auspice

Again, taking into account your choices from step one, decide on the moon under which your character was born. Remember, the type of person and (usually) his/her career choice should be indicative of a character’s Auspice (i.e., A character that is a lawyer would generally be a Philodox, though there are always exceptions to the rule).

The following are the five choices and their Beginning Renown, Gift Lists, and Auspice Abilities guidelines.


Born under the new moon, you are a trickster, cunning and clever.

Beginning Renown: Cunning
Auspicial Gift Lists: Hasten, Covert, Deception
Auspice Ability: "Trickster’s Luck." A Ragabash can survive all manner of harebrained schemes that would see another werewolf dead. Her luck only saves her when she’s pushing the very edge, though, and it will come back to bite her later. Whenever a Ragabash is reduced to a chance die, she rolls two dice instead of one. Each die that shows a 10 counts as a success. If she rolls 1 on both dice, the action is a dramatic failure. If she rolls a 1 on one of the two dice, even if she succeeds, the Storyteller can later reduce one of the character’s actions to a chance die. If he doesn’t do so by the end of the session, that chance is lost. Trickster’s Luck does apply to any action forced to a chance die as a result of this ability.

MET: Whenever a Ragabash is reduced to a chance draw, she makes two draws instead of one. Each one that shows a 10 counts as a success. If she draws a 1 on both draws, the action is a dramatic failure. If she draws a 1 on one of the two draws, even if she succeeds, the Storyteller can later reduce any normal action to a chance draw. If he doesn’t do so by the end of the session, the chance is lost. Trickster’s Luck does apply to any action forced to a chance die as a result of this ability.


Born under the crescent moon, you are a seer or shaman, wise and familiar with the spirit world.

Beginning Renown: Wisdom
Auspicial Gift Lists: Healer’s Touch, Spirit Nature, Umbra
Auspice Ability: "Ritual Master." Theurges purchase the Rituals trait and rites at reduced experience cost. When buying Rituals, a Theurge pays the new dots x 4 in experience. A Theurge who buys rites with experience points need only spend a number of experience equal to the rite dots. <Pending Blood and Smoke ritual costs>


Born under the half moon, you are a judge and arbiter.

Beginning Renown: Honor
Auspicial Gift Lists: Eyes of Gaia, Feral Wolf, Shapeshift
Auspice Ability: "Judge’s Eye." A Philodox has an instinctive aptitude for solving problems between werewolves. When another werewolf asks his help, a Philodox automatically gains two dice to any Empathy, Investigation, Persuasion, or Politics rolls made in the course of solving the problem. These bonuses only apply when dealing with other werewolves—humans or spirits don’t have an inborn understanding of the Philodox’ role.

MET: The benefit for this Ability is a +2 bonus to any Empathy, Investigation, Persuasion, or Politics draws made in the course of solving the problem, and they apply only when dealing with other werewolves.


Born under the gibbous moon, you are an artist or talesinger.

Beginning Renown: Vigilance
Auspicial Gift Lists: Pulse of the Pack, Mind’s Eye, Summoning
Auspice Ability: "Prophetic Dreams." Once per story (3 sessions), the player may ask the Storyteller for a dream of prophecy, providing some clue about the challenges facing the Galliard. The Galliard must sleep for at least four hours in order to dream of the future. The dream is always veiled in symbolism that the character must interpret. In addition, the Galliard automatically gains one die to any Occult rolls made to interpret omens or to solve occult riddles.


Born under the full moon, you are a warrior, strong and glorious.

Beginning Renown: Glory
Auspicial Gift Lists: Control the Battlefield, Essence of Luna, Leadership
Auspice Ability: "Warrior’s Eye." Once per session, an Ahroun can attempt to "read" a foe, determining who is the superior warrior. The player rolls Wits + Rage; success indicates that the werewolf can roughly tell whether the threat is stronger or weaker than he is, while an exceptional success grants more understanding of the gap between the two ("He’s much more powerful than me."). A dramatic failure indicates that the character greatly misjudges his target. The warrior’s eye takes into account only those abilities that might affect a direct fight. A werewolf might read a skilled vampire assassin as "weaker," even though the vampire is much more deadly when it can choose the time of engagement.

Step 5: Choose Tribe

Like the third and fourth steps, take into account your choices from step one to decide on the tribe your character was born into. Keep in mind, the attitude, skills and personality of your character should be indicative of his/her Tribe (ie., A character that is a computer hacker would generally be a Glass Walker).

The following are the thirteen choices and their Beginning Renown, Favored Merits, Gift Lists, Weaknesses and Restriction guidelines.

Black Furies

An all female tribe, they protect sacred sites, defend women and punish men.

Beginning Renown: Vigilance
Favored Merits: Retainers (in the form of Kinfolk), Totem, Mentor
Tribal Gift Lists: Summoning, Savagery, Wilderness
Weakness: Women’s Anger - Black Furies, due to their intense distrust and anger towards men for their condemnation of women, suffer a -1 penalty to resist frenzy when provoked by men.
Restrictions: None.

Bone Gnawers

Misfits and scavengers, they live in cities and may even breed with dogs.

Beginning Renown: Cunning
Favored Merits: Barfly, Common Sense, Territory
Tribal Gift Lists: Deception, Technology, Spark of the City
Weakness: Social Outcasts - Due to their status as the “Omega tribe” within the Garou Nation, Bone Gnawers suffer a -1 penalty on any Social rolls involving other tribes. This does not count against Black Spiral Dancers.
Restrictions: Bone Gnawers cannot have any dots in the Merits: Ancestors, Pure Breed, or Resources.

Children of Gaia

Honorable peace-makers, they believe in unity, cooperation, and education.

Beginning Renown: Vigilance
Favored Merits: Sympathetic, Holistic Awareness, Ancestors
Tribal Gift Lists: Elements, Eyes of Gaia, Healer’s Touch
Weakness: Weak Veil - The Children of Gaia were the only tribe to actively refuse any participation in the Impergium. Because of this, their spiritual essence is not tied to the innate Delirium mortals are subject to, and witnesses to a Child outside of Homid form are considered to be 4 Willpower higher when comparing the effects of Delirium on the Delirium Chart.
Restrictions: None.


Talesingers of Celtic heritage and legendary fighters.

Beginning Renown: Honor
Favored Merits: Fetish, Ancestors, Area of Expertise (in an Expression or Brawl Skill Specialty)
Tribal Gift Lists: Control the Battlefield, Touch of Rage, Summoning
Weakness: Low Self-Control - The Fianna are known to be passionate down to their very core. Because of this, they suffer a -1 penalty on any Resolve + Composure roll.
Restrictions: None.

Get of Fenris

Fierce, hot-tempered, single-minded Norse warriors.

Beginning Renown: Glory
Favored Merits: Any Fighting Style Merit
Tribal Gift Lists: Control the Battlefield, Savagery, Pulse of the Pack
Weakness: Intolerance - Get of Fenris are intensely conservative in their views and way of life. Because of this they all find one thing incredibly intolerable to them. At character creation, they must choose something that they are intolerant of, and when confronted by the source of their intolerance, they suffer a -2 penalty to frenzy when provoked by it.
Restrictions: None.

Glass Walkers

These modern Garou live in cities and embrace technology.

Beginning Renown: Wisdom
Favored Merits: Resources, Professional Training, Allies
Tribal Gift Lists: Shapeshift, Technology, Spark of the City
Weakness: Weaver Affinity - Glass Walkers are closely tied to the cities. Because of this connection, they are functionally disconnected from the wilderness; if forced to remain in the wilderness and away from a caern, Glass Walkers are unable to regain Gnosis.
Restrictions: Glass Walkers cannot have any dots in the Merits: Ancestors, Mentor, or Pure Breed.

Red Talons

These feral Garou are nearly all Lupus, and view humans as much the enemy as the Wyrm.

Beginning Renown: Glory
Favored Merits: Territory, Demolisher, Hardy
Tribal Gift Lists: Beasts of the Wild, Feral Wolf, Touch of Rage
Weakness: Wyld Affinity - The exact converse of the Glass Walkers, Red Talons have a deep connection to the wilderness, and if they are forced to remain within the city, they are unable to regain Gnosis.
Restrictions: Red Talons can’t have dots in any Social Merits that tie them to human society: Contacts among spirits or Allies of werewolves are fine, but Fixer or Barfly is right out.

Shadow Lords

These proud, sneaky Garou believe the strong should dominate the weak.

Beginning Renown: Cunning
Favored Merits: Fixer, Pusher, Pure Breed
Tribal Gift Lists: Leadership, Covert, Deception
Weakness: Failure’s Dagger - Due to intense pride, Shadow Lords do not like being called out on moments of weakness. Because of this, Shadow Lords lose an additional Renown when a failure they are responsible for is exposed.
Restrictions: Shadow Lords cannot possess the Allies Merit: any alliance is either temporary or entirely disposable.

Silent Striders

Driven from Egypt, these Garou wander the earth as messengers.

Beginning Renown: Wisdom
Favored Merits: Fleet of Foot, Fast Reflexes, Rituals
Tribal Gift Lists: Hasten, Wilderness, Mind’s Eye
Weakness: Haunted - The Silent Striders are a cursed tribe; they have no home land, and the spirits have taken a keen interest in the tribe of wanderers. When a Strider suffers a Dramatic Failure on a roll to step sideways, they receive a ghost that haunts them until the Silent Strider helps the ghost pass on.
Restrictions: May not possess Merits: Ancestors or Resources.

Silver Fangs

These royal line of Garou, Silver Fangs are born into leadership.

Beginning Renown: Honor
Favored Merits: Ancestors, Status, Pure Breed
Tribal Gift Lists: Essence of Luna, Leadership, Pulse of the Pack
Weakness: Derangement - Silver Fangs have long suffered from an almost obsessive need to keep their lineage pure and clean. Because of this, the Silver Fangs have resorted to inbreeding, and they all begin play with a Persistent Condition representing a mental ailment (such as Megalomania or Delusions of Grandeur, one that can never be resolved, even through supernatural means.
Restrictions: None.


Zenful Garou of Asian decent, trying to find a home but trapped between two cultures.

Beginning Renown: Wisdom
Favored Merits: Meditative Mind, Totem, Parkour
Tribal Gift Lists: Shapeshift, Spirit Nature, Umbra
Weakness: Obsessive Mind Games - Stargazers are thinkers, dedicated to solving riddles of the mind and body whenever they are confronted with one. Because of this, if the Stargazer fails an Occult or Academics roll to solve a riddle, they become obsessed with it, unable to concentrate on anything else until a solution is found. Until the riddle is solved, they suffer a -1 penalty on all Wits + Composure rolls as they shut the world out to focus on the riddle.
Restrictions: Cannot possess Merits: Fetish or Resources, or any Social Merits that tie them to human society (e.g. Barfly, Fixer).


Masters of the spirit world, these shamans study magic, secrets and the Wyrm.

Beginning Renown: Cunning
Favored Merits: Anonymity, Fetish, Rituals
Tribal Gift Lists: Elements, Covert, Spirit Nature
Weakness: Intense Curiosity - When an Uktena learns that somebody knows something he doesn’t, he becomes distracted until he is able to wrest the secret free. Until they learn the secret, they have trouble concentrating and suffer from a short temper due to frustration; they suffer a -1 penalty to Resolve + Composure rolls until they are able to know that secret.
Restrictions: None.


The last of the pure Native American Garou, they are distrustful of everyone.
Beginning Renown: Vigilance
Favored Merits: Iron Stamina, Territory, Berserker
Tribal Gift Lists: Beasts of the Wild, Touch of Rage, Wilderness
Weakness: Wheel of the Seasons - Wendigo have a very close relationship with the Earth, and during different times of the year, they suffer certain penalties.

  • Spring: -1 penalty to Resolve + Composure rolls, due to the vibrancy of the new life’s distraction.
  • Summer: -1 penalty to resist frenzy, as the summer is the traditional season of war
  • Autumn: -1 penalty to change forms
  • Winter: -1/-1 to any armor rating

Restrictions: May not possess the Merits: Contacts or Resources.

Choose Your Details

Step 6: Choose Physical, Social, and Mental Attributes

Prioritize the three categories (Mental, Physical, Social) and then assign 5 dots to your primary category, 4 dots in your secondary category, and 3 dots in your tertiary category. The first dot in each Attribute is free.

Keep in mind your character’s concept when choosing your Attributes.

Step 7: Choose Skills

Prioritize the Skill Categories (Mental, Physical, Social). In the primary Skill Category, assign 11 dots to the skills. In the secondary Category, assign 7 dots, and in the tertiary Skill Category, assign 4 dots. Unlike Attributes, the first dot in the Skills are not free.

Step 8: Choose Skill Specialties

Choose three Skill Specialties in any Skills that you have placed ranks in.

Step 9: Choose Merits

Assign 10 dots worth of Merits. These Merits can be found on The God-Machine Chronicle, p. 158. The Werewolf: The Enraged-specific Merits can be found here. You may also spend 3 Merit points to raise your Rage rating by one.

Remember, some Tribes have limitations on the Merits they may start play with, and some Merits may only be taken at Character Creation, and not afterwards.

Step 10: Choose Favored Merits

During character creation, you may place two free dots from the list of Favored Merits for each tribe. This is to symbolize the special connections or assets each tribe is known to dabble in.

Choose Your Finishing Touches

Step 11: Determine Additional Stats

Determine your character's additional stats. These include Health, Starting Gifts, Willpower, Essence, Size, Defense, Initiative Mod, Speed, and Renown. Determine these using the following.

Health: Stamina + Size
Starting Gifts: 3 dots to allocate among Tribe and Auspice Gift Lists.
Willpower: Resolve + Composure
Size: 5 for adult, human-sized werewolf
Defense: Lowest of Dexterity or Wits plus the rating in the Skill Athletics
Initiative Mod: Dexterity + Composure
Speed: Strength + Dexterity + 5
Renown: 3 dots to allocate among Tribe and Auspice Primary Renown.
Rage: 1, plus 1 for every 3 Merit points spent during creation.
Gnosis Pool: This is determined by the rank of the Garou, and can be found here.

Step 12: Spend Free Points

Your character is almost complete. You now get 5 Experience Points to spend on anything you like. These points may be spent on Attributes, Skills, Skill Specialties, Merits, Gifts, or in increasing Willpower, Rage or Purity. This can be done by using the following.

Trait Cost
Attribute 4 experience per dot
Skill 2 experience per dot
Skill Specialty 1 experience each
Affinity Gift 3 experience per dot
Non-Affinity Gift 4 experience per dot
Deal Listed cost
Rite 1 experience per dot
Merit 1 experience per dot
Rage 5 experience each
Affinity Renown 1 experience per dot
Non-Affinity Renown 2 experience per dot
Purity 3 experience per dot
Willpower 1 experience per dot

Note: Some tribes may have benefits that change the costs for some things. Make sure to check the write up for the tribe (above) to ensure that you are using the correct costs for your purchases.

Step 13: Finish It Up

You’re all done except for a few little touches that will help you give your character the spark of life. First, finalize your Mortal and Mythic choices. Second, consider your character’s motivations and how they affect his/her life. Lastly, determine anything you need to know to begin role playing. This includes his/her clothing, speech (accent, inflections or catch phrases), posture, attitude, demeanor (handshake grip, eye contact or forthrightness), likes, and dislikes. What’s your character’s favorite food, movie or television show? These little details are what will make your character more real, and easier to role play. Don’t worry, you can’t decide everything at first, and you will learn more about your character each time you play him/her.

Step 14: Have Fun!

Get your Storytellers to approve your character, answer any questions they may have about your character, and learn your character’s formal introduction (your name, followed by Breed, Tribe, Auspice and Rank in any order, followed by any positions, packs, titles or totems). Then get into the game and have fun!