Bone Gnawers

Tribal Totem: Rat

If you asked a member of any other tribe which Garou are furthest from Gaia, fingers would unerringly point to the Bone Gnawers, who live in sewers, garbage dumps and slums in the greatest cities of the World of Darkness. But the Bone Gnawers know the truth. Gaia isn't just in the virgin timberland or at the top of a craggy peak: Gaia is in the city, too. Unlike their cousins, the Bone Gnawers fight for Gaia every day. The Wyrm is at its strongest in the heart of great cities, and so it is there that Gaia is at Her weakest and in most need of defense.

The Bone Gnawers can't help the material fact of their situations. They don't have decent homes or much money; they live on the streets, alongside the homeless, the crazies, the muggers and the Wyrm-things. The Gnawers are self-reliant, though: They have found their own places of power amid the trash, and they can create fetishes and talens out of discarded junk. Social standing among the Bone Gnawers has very little to do with one's wealth or combat prowess and everything to do with one's ability to provide for those in need and combat the Wyrm in less obvious fashions. That isn't to say that the Bone Gnawers can't fight when they have to: the tribe's totem spirit is Rat. A Gnawer Ahroun fights as well as any other tribe's warrior does, and he is entirely willing to fight dirty.

As a group, the Bone Gnawers are on moderately good terms with the GlassWalkers - though they surely do not travel in the same circles. Each group has something the other can use. The Gnawers have an ear to the streets at just about all times, and the Walkers have nearly unmatched material resources. Most Red Talons and many SilverFangs revile the Bone Gnawers, wishing that the tribe would just go away. Most of the other tribes grudgingly tolerate Rat's adopted children, leaving them to fight their war as they see fit.