Black Furies

Tribal Totem: Pegasus

Hailing from ancient Greece and undoubtedly responsible for that land's legendary Amazons, the Black Furies tribe consists almost entirely of female Garou. The only males that are welcome are Metis, and even then only those born to the tribe; a male Metis of another tribe joining the Furies is simply unheard of.

Many of the other tribes - particularly the Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords- write off the Black Furies as nothing more than "warrior women," but nothing could be farther from the truth. The Black Furies do not see themselves as mere warriors: They are a force of narure, acting to right wrongs done against women and, through them, Gaia. Men who do not understand the proper way of things might commit these wrongs, or the Wyrm itself might cause them. To the Furies, it makes no difference: The souls of these defilers' victims cry out for retribution, and they are retribution's vehicle.

The Furies both defend and aggressively seek out Wyld sites that might make suitable caerns. Their own caerns are reputed to be treasure troves of ancient fetishes and powerful talens, but few members of other tribes can get close enough to discover the truth of this; many Furies are particularly suspicious of the SilverFangs, ShadowLords and Get of Fenris for their "curiosity" about such rumors. One particular camp of the Black Furies, the Freebooters, scours the world for Wyld sites that could serve as caerns once the sites are properly purified. They succeed only rarely, making such success the cause for great celebration.

In the End Times, young Black Furies have begun to seize territory inside large cities, hoping to make an impact on women's lives there, in the heart of the Wyrm. Whether they will succeed or not remains to be seen, but many tribal elders warn of grear calamity should their daughters and nieces continue on such a path; They believe the Furies' most important role is not as counselor and friend to the homids, but as avenger.