Battles Of Cleansing

In the Fall of 2011, the Sept of Solid Rock, under Alpha Lorena, returned to Nashville. Their Caern had been defiled by the Wyrm, and they had been on the run for a few years.

Back in Nashville, they found support in the local Garou population, who staged a multi-part, planned assault to recover the Caern. Lone Garou and the Sept of Flying Skies combined forces with Solid Rock and engaged in what was the first of several battles around the Caern.

Todo: Detail the first battle

After the Caern had been reclaimed and the heart cleansed, several of the Garou questioned the Wisdom, Glory and Honor of the leadership of the Sept. Shortly before the first moot, an old Glass Walker, Jonathan Waybright, openly scorned the leadership in their lapses involving the Litany and their dedication to the Garou ways and walked out. Unexpected by him, three Garou followed, and they formed the original Spanners, committed to waging war on the Wyrm in the most effective, efficient and victorious manner possible, regardless of the manner. Apropos of their nontraditional methods to accomplish traditional goals, they chose (and were chosen by) Hyena.

Todo: Tom fleeing, assassination attempts.

Todo: Bargaining on the borders of the Caern, Christa revealed

Todo: The Fianna moot

Todo: The Hostage situation and the second battle for the Caern

Todo: The Sept, healed